Year: 2010

Global effort leads to the biggest victory in veterinary history

Scientists are confident that the acute viral disease rinderpest, that has devastated cattle and their keepers for thousands of years, has been eradicated world-wide. The eradication is being heralded as the biggest achievement in veterinary history and is expected to save countless lives in some of the poorest countries of […]

Marmoset Found

A marmoset stolen from a wildlife park on the NSW South Coast has been found safe and well in a bedroom in suburban Wollongong. The Nowra Wildlife Park was broken into on October 30 and the marmoset, “Cheeky”, was taken from the enclosure by persons unknown. The Illawarra Mercury reported that Cheeky’s sibling, “Milly”, was pining for the animal and had become withdrawn. On […]

Lab technician saves dog from deportation or death

An American couple has a Curtin University physics technician to thank for saving the life of their beloved Brittany spaniel Layla after her microchip became unreadable. Elizabeth and Franck Tellier immigrated to Perth from Houston, Texas with their two dogs, five-year old Layla, and a seven year-old American Eskimo, Mason, […]