New global animal welfare platform launched

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has recently developed an exciting new platform for professionals in the animal welfare field around the globe to network, collaborate and share information on animal welfare. Powered by WSPA, Animal Mosaic is the ‘one-stop-shop’ for animal welfare resources.

Animal Mosaic has sections on current animal welfare related news, legislation and features a multitude of resources on diverse topics such as companion animals and animals in entertainment. In the education section you will find a wealth of resources introducing the concept and application of animal welfare when caring for animals in early years and tertiary education. Animal Mosaic hosts a global professional community where members join to participate in debates on animal welfare, promote their work and share their knowledge and expertise. The community is free to join and is an excellent independent forum to share resources and promote animal welfare on a wider scale.

Animal Mosaic is also home to the Sentience Mosaic platform, dedicated to promoting the science of animal sentience. In the Sentience Mosaic you can hear academics, veterinarians and notable experts in the field share their experiences on how sentience has impacted their research or work and participate in innovative live monthly debates and discussions. In March this year, Nik Taylor, Senior Lecturer of Sociology at Flinders University and Tania Signal, Senior Lecturer of Psychology at the Central Queensland University participated in an online debate in Sentience Mosaic on animal sentience contested in human/animal interactions. The next debate will be an exciting exploration into the links between animal personality research and welfare.

“Animal Mosaic is a great interdisciplinary hub of information that I often point students towards when they are researching topics,” Taylor said.

The Virtual Disaster Platform is another unique platform within Animal Mosaic and is a space for coordinated disaster relief and real-time information exchange during disasters, ultimately enabling more effective emergency action for animals and the communities that rely on them.

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