Responsible antibiotic use is important, says AVA

The AVA used its platform to promote responsible use of antibiotics in animals for Australian Antibiotic Awareness Week in November.

Spokesperson Stephen Page said vets take their obligation to minimise the risk of resistant superbugs seriously.

“While resistance mainly originates from antibiotic use in humans, there’s evidence that the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals also contributes to the problem,” he said.

“Proper care of animals is critical to their health and welfare and that can include providing antibiotics when they’re needed. Fortunately, there are stringent systems in place in Australia for registering antimicrobials for use in food animals, particularly those antimicrobials important to human health.”

Page added that he is pleased to see many agricultural industries have changed practices so they can reduce antibiotic use.

“But there will always be some risk of infection and a need to use antibiotics at those times,” he said.

The AVA emphasised the importance of hygienic food preparation which ensures proper cooking of animal products to minimise the risk of transfer of bacterial resistance from food to people.

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