Australian Turf Club inquiry launched

Stewards from Racing NSW have opened an inquiry in to alleged animal cruelty by the Mounted Division of the Australian Turf Club (ATC).

Allegations of mistreatment, illegal sedation and cruelty to horses surfaced in a Sydney Morning Herald report last month.

Racing NSW began to act following a mid-January incident at the Falls Music & Arts Festival near Byron Bay, where a horse and its female rider were injured.

Six horses at the centre of the allegations have been transported from their Centennial Park stable to a spelling farm while the investigation is in progress.

Horses in the ATC’s Mounted Division are retrained from racehorses retrained for everyday life. Continue reading Australian Turf Club inquiry launched

‘Sickening’ scandal dogs live export industry

The actions of a concerned Egyptian veterinarian have thrown the live export industry in to yet another scandal.
In April Mahmoud Abdelwahab corresponded with animal welfare group Animals Australia, and they subsequently obtained footage of slaughterhouses in Egypt.
The footage shows cruelty in facilities that the live export industry has previously deemed to meet Australian standards.
It was given to the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) and Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig, has described it as “sickening.”
In one segment of footage, an abattoir worker attempts to kill an injured animal by cutting its leg tendons.

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Tamarins stolen from zoo

A highly endangered cotton-top tamarin was found dead in suburban Brisbane last month after a break-in at Alma Park Zoo.  Tonto, a male cotton-top tamarin, and his female mate, Conchetta, were removed from their enclosure on the morning of October 10.

Later that day, a nearby resident reported that the family dog had discovered a dead animal in the backyard. Alma Park Zoo manager Garry Connell attended the scene with zoo staff and identified Tonto. Conchetta, the female tamarin, is pregnant and missing.

It is not known if the primate has been taken by the perpetrator or perpetrators, or if it has sought shelter nearby. There were  reports of a tamarin sighting on October 12 in Surround Street, Dakabin, where the male tamarin was found dead two days earlier. Zoo staff rushed to the area but the search was called off due to inclement weather. Continue reading Tamarins stolen from zoo

Human violence and animal cruelty

The First Stage of Cruelty.

The “First Stage of Cruelty” shows the Tom (his name is scribbled on the wall) with other boys. They are teasing and tormenting cats and dogs. Tom is torturing a dog.

Animal cruelty, especially the abuse of pit bulls in dog-fighting activities, has achieved a higher profile after the 2007 arrest of the National Football League star Michael Vick for running an illegal interstate dog-fighting business in Virginia. However, the pit bull is only the most publicized victim of a phenomenon that is now being addressed with a newborn vitality in the US: wanton cruelty toward animals. Before 1990, only six US states had criminal acts listed in their animal-cruelty laws; now 46 states do. In 2008, the ASPCA created the first Mobile Animal Crime Scene Investigation Unit, a veterinary hospital and forensic laboratory on wheels that travels around the country helping traditional law-enforcement agencies follow the evidence from dead or wounded animals back to their inflictors. Another significant reason for the increased attention to animal cruelty is a mounting body of evidence that a link exists between violent crimes such as wife and child abuse, rape and murder and animal cruelty. Under US federal and state laws, animal-cruelty issues were considered a peripheral concern and the province of local ASPCA and Humane Society organizations. However, that distinction is rapidly vanishing

The connection between animal abuse and such diverse problems as links between crime and human nature, and the behavioral manifestations of children who are likely to be violent as adults was recognized long ago. William Hogarth’s “The Four Stages of Cruelty” (1751) traces the life of the fictional Tom Nero. The first stage shows Tom torturing a dog. At the second stage, we see Tom beating his fallen horse. At the Third Stage, we reach “Cruelty in Perfection”, where Tom has murdered Ann Gill. Finally, in the “Reward of Cruelty,” Tom’s corpse, fresh from the gallows, is dissected at Surgeons Hall Continue reading Human violence and animal cruelty