Crimson Post

The crimson sunbird is an extremely small nectar feeding bird found as a resident throughout Asia. It is tiny, fast, efficient and extremely vibrantly coloured, a true reflection of the country that it represents.

Singapore is the smallest island nation in Asia and with its strategic location; it functions as a centralised trading zone, allowing Singapore to grow rapidly since its independence in 1959.

Singapore is also a melting pot of cultures with the 5 million population made up primarily of the three major ethnic races, Chinese, Malay and Indian. The vibrant mix of cultures and traditions has a major role in the treatment and attitudes toward the domestic and stray population of animals in a highly urbanised developed country.

The veterinarians here in Singapore are almost 100 per cent small animal practitioners, all of whom have graduated overseas, about 85 per cent calling Australian universities their alma mater. Vastly different to our neighbouring countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand) where rural mixed practice and agriculture still predominate.

The 48 veterinary private practices with no registered small animal specialists, this is a highly unique situation where the veterinary community is small, energetic and always having to think outside the box. Continue reading Crimson Post