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Effects of cognitive enrichment on behavioural and physiological reactions of pigs

Cognitive enrichment, a special form of environmental enrichment, addresses the cognitive abilities of animals in captivity. Through cognitive interaction with the environment, the animals regain a certain control over their environment, and essential resources, such as food or water, act as a reward for successful coping. It is assumed that […]

Making a difference: Murray Munro

Murray Munro is an ambassador for the voiceless species of our planet. He is a passionate conservationist with a strong sense of social justice, a global adventurer of the earth’s wild places. Murray Munro is a man on a mission. The founder of an unconventional conservation organisation, Earth Warrior, he […]

Public may have final say in extinction choices

Which native species will survive for future generations is a dilemma that can be solved by society, not society, a leading ecologist has said. Hugh Possingham, director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED) at the University of Queensland, said that world-first Australian research was showing that […]