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Abstracts: Epileptiform activity during inert gas euthanasia of mice

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most commonly used euthanasia agents for mice, yet it is highly aversive and nociceptive. Inert gases are a possible alternative, however there are qualitative reports of seizures resulting from exposure. Here we evaluate epileptiform activity caused by inert gases (N2, He, Ar and […]

Abstracts: Euthanasia of cattle: practical considerations and application

Acceptable methods for the euthanasia of cattle include overdose of an anaesthetic, gunshot and captive bolt. The use of anaesthetics for euthanasia is costly and complicates carcass disposal. These issues can be avoided by use of a physical method such as gunshot or captive bolt; however, each requires that certain […]

Vet Ethics: Canine culls – some considerations

Following a political and humanitarian crisis in Nigeria in 1971, some French doctors came together to form a group called Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). MSF – also known as Doctors Without Borders – has been involved in many significant crises like those in Rwanda, the Congo, and Bosnia. In its […]