Tag: February 2011

Employment law contracts – restraint of trade provisions

Restraint of Trade Business owners, in an attempt to protect the goodwillof their business will often include ‘Restraint of Trade’provisions in employment agreements, partnershipagreements and sale of business agreements. ‘Standard’clauses are often used instead of tailoring a clause tosuit the specific circumstances

Puggle in progress

Australian veterinarians, nurses and wildlife carers are adept at hand-rearing orphaned native mammals. Various species of possum, wallaby, kangaroo, bat and glider have been successfully reared and released into thewild. Any carer will tell you that once the novelty wears off, hand rearing is hard work. Often requiring feeds spaced […]

Australia Day honours for Alders and Jubb

Robyn Alders, who holds veterinary science degrees from the University of Sydney (1983-1985) and the Australian National University (1989) was made an Officer (AO) in the General Division of the Order of Australia on January 26 for “distinguished service to veterinary science as a researcher and educator, to the maintenance […]

Green kiwifruit modulates the colonic microbiota in growing pigs

Aims: To investigate whether green kiwifruit modulates the composition of  colonic microbiota in growing pigs. Methods and Results: Thirty two pigs were fed the control diet or one of three test diets containing either cellulose, freeze-dried kiwifruit or kiwifruit fibre as the sole fibre source for 14 days’ study. A […]

Mulgara population boom after cat control

A tiny creature with a penchant for sucking out the brains of its prey is showing signs of a remarkable recovery from the brink of extinction on a remote West Australian reserve. The brush tailed mulgara, a small carnivorous marsupial, was once common across the arid regions of Australia but […]