Camel anaesthesia now safer, easier

Murdoch University veterinarian and specialist anaesthetist Peter Gray has assisted in the development of a safe anaesthetic technique for racing camels in the United Arab Emirates.
Gray worked with an old university friend of his, Alex Tinson, who is the head vet at the Scientific Centre for Racing Camels in the city of Al Ain in the UAE, to develop a method for safely anaesthetising the 550kg animals.

Gray is a senior veterinary registrar at Murdoch University where he teaches and researches the anaesthesia and critical care of large animals. The state of the art camel surgical facility in Al Ain has recently been upgraded, and Gray spent some time working there during 2011 to help develop the anaesthetic protocols for camels as there is almost no scientific research into the desert-dwelling creatures.

Gray explained that anaesthetising camels poses many challenges to veterinarians, “Anaesthetising such a large animal is a huge logistical task and developing the right techniques were incredibly important because these racing camels are very valued creatures in Arab culture”. Continue reading Camel anaesthesia now safer, easier