Vet Ethics: Can we justify generalisations?

Following the heart-breaking death of Ayen Chol, a young child from Melbourne who was mauled by a dog widely reported to be a pit bull crossbreed, there has been both new State legislation and intensified public debate about dog breeds and breed-types.

Of late the excitement has been around the pit bull terrier or American pit bull . . . → Read More: Vet Ethics: Can we justify generalisations?

Ecovet: Lumpers and splitters

Have you ever wondered why the number of extant mammal species is so imprecise?

Consensus seems to have the number at around 4500, others say 4000 is about right while some would have the true total at somewhat more than 4500.

Why is it that after nearly 300 years of a binomial system that strives for exactness and order, just providing a total species count of such obvious animals is so hard? Continue reading Ecovet: Lumpers and splitters