Gammeherpesvirus a potential pathogen in cats


Julia BeattyAn international team of researchers lead by Australian veterinarian Associate Professor Julia Beatty has identified a novel gammaherpesvirus as a widespread potential pathogen in cats.


Gammaherpesviruses (GHVs) affect a very broad range of species including humans and other primates, ruminants, squirrels, badgers and sea lions. Like all herpesviruses they cause persistent infection but have variable pathogenicity and are often kept at bay by the immune response.


In the absence of an effective immune response, due to immune dysfunction or infection of non-adapted host, GHVs may cause devastating diseases including lymphoma and malignant catarral fever.


The discovery of Felis catus gammaherpesvirus 1(FcaGHV1) followed a long search that was grounded in Beatty’s Continue reading Gammeherpesvirus a potential pathogen in cats