Essay: Check under the tail… every time!

Once you have worked in veterinary practice for long enough you will have seen your fair share of preventable errors. As a practice owner there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with mistakes despite feeling that you have plenty of good systems in place and have given your staff ample training. Most practices have experienced that classic of veterinary surgery – the cat spey with no uterus that turns out to be a boy! It’s Murphy’s Law that the one day you don’t check under the tail, Charlotte turns out to be Charlie. Continue reading Essay: Check under the tail… every time!

Essay: Time to stop discounting?

Why do veterinarians persist in discounting surgical sterilisation of dogs and cats? This practice is so entrenched that I doubt anyone stops to consider why we do it.

I can think of three possible reasons for discounting surgical sterilisation of dogs and cats:

  • Every other clinic does;
  • It’s a “loss leader”; and
  • It’s a community service to help reduce the number of unwanted companion animals.

The only valid reason, in my opinion, is the last one – it’s a community service. Unfortunately, the community does not recognise this. Continue reading Essay: Time to stop discounting?

Pigeon Post from the UK

Do you remember the British drought … that never was (Pigeon Post, April 2012)? We’ve just ‘enjoyed’ the wettest June on record throughout most of the country and July seems to be following suit so far. The reservoirs are full, all water restrictions lifted and the newspapers ‘splashed’ with images of watercourses in spate and unfortunates mopping out their front rooms and businesses.  It’s highly unlikely that Andy Murray would have managed to lose his Wimbledon men’s singles final on schedule, but for the roof on Centre Court.

The consensus seems to be that climate change is bringing Britain warmer, but wetter summers than ever before.  Is our capricious weather finally going to become more predictable … i.e. wet all the time?! Continue reading Pigeon Post from the UK