Letter to the editor

Editor’s note: We normally wouldn’t run correspondence that refers to other publications, but this topic is one that several readers have raised. The perception of veterinary pricing in the wider community obviously requires action!

Dear Luke

A recent article was published in the July issue of Choice magazine with the heading “Premium pets – does Fido really need his teeth cleaned?”
The five-page article also had subheadings such as “Is your vet selling you more than you need for your best friend?”, “Price check”, “Going corporate” and, interestingly, “Sheepdog shakedown”.
I urge you to download the article [www.choice.com.au/vetcosts]. My reply to Choice was approved by the AVA and the Australian Veterinary Dental Association and addresses many of the points raised by the article.

I feel this article demonstrates that veterinarians are not adequately communicating to their clients the need for services they perform.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Bloom
Lane Cove, NSW Continue reading Letter to the editor