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Abstracts: A feline semiochemical composition influences the cat’s toileting location choice

Unwanted toileting is amongst the most undesirable behaviors in domestic cats and can lead to conflicts between cats and the communities they are living in. This study aimed to confirm the effect of a semiochemical composition, reconstituted volatile fraction derived from cat anal glands, on the elimination behavior of domestic […]

Abstracts: Revisiting porcine circovirus disease diagnostic criteria in the current Porcine circovirus 2 epidemiological context

Current knowledge on porcine circovirus diseases (PCVD) caused by¬†Porcine circovirus 2¬†(PCV-2) includes the subclinical infection (PCV-2-SI), systemic (PCV-2-SD) and reproductive (PCV-2-RD) diseases, and porcine dermatitis and nephropathy syndrome (PDNS). Criteria to establish the diagnosis of these conditions have not changed over the years; thus, the triad composed by clinical signs, […]