Tag: #AnimalWelfare

WSAVA introduces updated vaccination guidelines

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has rolled out its latest edition of its Global Vaccination Guidelines, offering the most up-to-date scientific insights on vaccinating dogs and cats worldwide. Developed by the WSAVA’s Vaccination Guidelines Group (VGG), the Guidelines are now accessible for free download from the WSAVA website, […]

Humans can identify chicken moods, research says

The estimated 100 million chickens in Australia might be able to make their feelings known, after a University of Queensland study found humans can tell if chickens are excited or displeased, just by the sound of their clucks.   The study used recordings of the noises chickens made when they anticipated […]

Access to veterinary care: evaluating working definitions, barriers, and implications for animal welfare

Humans have a moral obligation to meet the physical and mental needs of the animals in their care. This requires access to resources such as veterinary care, which is integral to achieving animal welfare. However, “access” to veterinary care is not always homogenous across communities and currently lacks a consistent […]

Federal government confirms commitment to phase out live sheep export trade

One of the largest federal parliamentary e-petitions in history, that called for an end to the live sheep export trade, was tabled towards the end of November with Agriculture Minister Senator Murray Watt, confirming the government’s commitment to an ‘orderly and considered’ transition away from the trade. In acknowledging ‘considerable […]

Current knowledge on the transportation by road of cattle, including unweaned calves

Transport conditions have the potential to alter the physiological responses of animals to the psychological or physical stress of transport. Transportation may introduce multiple physical and psychological stressors to unweaned calves and adult cattle, including noise, overcrowding, food and water deprivation, extreme temperatures, commingling with unfamiliar animals, handling by unfamiliar […]