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Abstracts: Introducing a puppy to existing household cat(s)

Although cats and dogs can live amicably, inter-species conflict can result in poor welfare. Species introduction can impact the development of the cat-dog relationship. This study aimed to identify factors associated with owner reported ‘only desirable’ puppy behaviour (defined as the puppy being uninterested, ignored the cat and/or interacted in […]

Abstracts: Sports ball projectile ocular trauma in dogs

Objective: To describe the clinical features, management, and outcome of dogs presenting with sports ball projectile ocular injuries. Animals studied: Eighteen dogs. Procedures: A retrospective study reviewing cases of ocular injury due to a sports ball projectile that presented to the Cornell University ophthalmology service between 2004 and 2021. Dog age, type of […]

Abstracts: Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolation from dog grooming products

Background: Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the most commonly isolated bacterium from skin lesions of dogs with post-grooming furunculosis (PGF). It is frequently found in human hair and skin care products and may pose a health risk to consumers. Information regarding the prevalence of P. aeruginosa contamination of dog grooming products is lacking. […]

Abstracts: Quality of Life measurement in dogs and cats

Quality of life (QoL) assessment in companion animals is an essential aspect of veterinary medicine that helps guide treatment decisions and ensures optimal animal welfare. Veterinarians and pet owners can use disease specific or generic QoL assessment tools to evaluate an individual animal’s QoL. The aim of this scoping review […]