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Research aims to end vaccine refrigeration

The World Health Organization estimates that at least 50 per cent of vaccines are wasted globally each year, with a lack of facilities and temperature control the major cause.  Recently published in Acta Biomaterialia, CSIRO researchers encapsulated live virus vaccines with a dissolvable crystalline material called MOFs (metal organic frameworks), which […]

Abstracts: A survey of calf rearing practices in the south-west region of Western Australia

Aims: To gather data on the calf management and rearing practices of a subset of dairy farmers in the south-west region of Western Australia. Methods: A 30-minute face-to-face survey was conducted with dairy cattle producers in the south-west region of Western Australia from April-June 2019 to determine pre-weaning calf rearing practices. Participation […]

Peak body supports calls for vet mental health funding

The Australian Association of Psychologists (AAPi) is supporting calls by the Australian Veterinary Association for both major political parties to commit to investing $3 million over five years to save the lives and wellbeing of Australian veterinarians.  AAPi Executive Director Tegan Carrison said veterinarians had one of the highest rates […]