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Diagnostic Imaging for Small Animal and Mixed Practices.

Diagnostic Imaging for Small Animal and Mixed Practices.Textbook quality images: more clarity, better diagnosis, improved outcomes! That’s what vets, patients and clients deserve. And that’s what these imaging systems from Radincon deliver.  Ideal small animal system for in clinic use, this system captures and dispose images in seconds. Unique RAD-X multifrequency image processing algorithms create crystal clear images like those seen in textbooks. The software is quick, easy, and simple to use, and the system is incredibly forgiving. […]

Why buy the practice premises?

Every vet practice has a premises to operate out of that they either lease from the premises owner or own themselves. Occasionally, a practice owner that is leasing is given the opportunity to buy their premises at a reasonable/fair price … If you, as a business owner, have this opportunity: […]

UQ’s experimental canine cancer vaccine test

University of Queensland veterinary researchers are recruiting pet dogs diagnosed with cancer to test an experimental vaccine. The clinical research trial is for dogs recently diagnosed with canine appendicular osteosarcoma, a common bone tumour that affects 10,000 dogs a year globally. Abhilasha Dadhich from UQ’s School of Veterinary Science said researchers will assess […]

Abstracts: Canine Brucellosis: An Update

Canine brucellosis is an infectious and zoonotic disease caused by Brucella canis, which has been reported worldwide, and is a major public health concern due to close contact between dogs and humans. In dogs, canine brucellosis manifests with abortion outbreaks, reproductive failure, enlargement of lymph nodes, and occasionally affects the osteoarticular […]

Could marine mammals catch COVID-19?

It is widely accepted that COVID-19 virus spread from wildlife to humans, and studies are now being done on the risks to land-based animals through cross-infection from humans, (The Veterinarian, October 2020). The results of a study published recently in Science of the Total Environment have found marine mammals may […]