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Eagle Post

The approval of cannabis among people has captivated pet owners’ curiosity about how the drug might help cats and dogs suffering from pain, anxiety, and other ills. Veterinarians wanting to help, though, often face unclear rules, which discourages them from even talking about cannabis, prompting many clients to medicate their […]

Pigeon post from the UK

The British summer is drawing to a close, but unlike last year’s exceptionally hot and dry conditions (an unprecedented maximum of 40.3°C recorded), 2023 will be remembered as a mostly cool and very wet summer. Measured rainfall in my home region (Yorkshire) during July was 218 per cent of the […]

Kiwi Post

In Aotearoa, things are beginning to hot up ahead of the election. Literally. While Southern Europe burns, and Maui is tragically consumed by wildfires, a recent report noted that the Southern Ocean has been up to 4o warmer this past summer than normal. If for some strange reason you weren’t […]