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Abstracts: Ethics in canine reproduction – a survey among veterinarians who provide canine reproductive services

Objective: Several dog breeds suffer from health and welfare problems due to unfavourable anatomies and high prevalence of inherited diseases. Veterinarians should care for animal health and welfare, but they may also be involved in breeding management including the use of reproductive techniques.

Abstracts: Ethical challenges posed by advanced veterinary care in companion animal veterinary practice

Advanced veterinary care (AVC) of companion animals may yield improved clinical outcomes, improved animal welfare, improved satisfaction of veterinary clients, improved satisfaction of veterinary team members, and increased practice profitability. However, it also raises ethical challenges. Yet, what counts as AVC is difficult to pinpoint due to continuing advancements. We […]

Vet Ethics: compassion and community

Farm rescue sanctuaries are founded on the idea that farmed animals deserve a good life and compassionate treatment. These sanctuaries rescue a range of animals, including pigs, chickens, cows, sheep, donkeys, and goats. Farmed animal sanctuaries usually hold that animals in industrial agriculture are routinely treated badly. Animals in farmed […]