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Abstracts: Latent burnout profiles of veterinarians in Canada

Background: Although burnout is often discussed as ‘present’ or ‘not-present’, the conceptual framework of an engagement-burnout continuum is more accurate and useful. Recognition of individuals’ transitional states of burnout also allows for earlier detection of issues and tailored interventions to address the full burnout spectrum.

Vets’ wellbeing highlighted

Two studies published in 2022 highlighted the prevalence of occupational burnout in veterinary care providers, and the importance of seeking professional help to better manage the three common sources of stress that both studies identified. One of these involved mental health-related conditions associated with the heavy caseloads vets are increasingly […]

Vets respond to environment report

Veterinarians around the country are responding to the latest State of the Environment report, which paints a grim picture of our nation’s environment under extreme pressure. The report, released in July 2022, found that “[o]verall, the state and trend of the environment of Australia are poor and deteriorating as a […]

Peak body supports calls for vet mental health funding

The Australian Association of Psychologists (AAPi) is supporting calls by the Australian Veterinary Association for both major political parties to commit to investing $3 million over five years to save the lives and wellbeing of Australian veterinarians.  AAPi Executive Director Tegan Carrison said veterinarians had one of the highest rates […]

Abstracts: Ethics in canine reproduction – a survey among veterinarians who provide canine reproductive services

Objective: Several dog breeds suffer from health and welfare problems due to unfavourable anatomies and high prevalence of inherited diseases. Veterinarians should care for animal health and welfare, but they may also be involved in breeding management including the use of reproductive techniques.