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Vets respond to environment report

Veterinarians around the country are responding to the latest State of the Environment report, which paints a grim picture of our nation’s environment under extreme pressure. The report, released in July 2022, found that “[o]verall, the state and trend of the environment of Australia are poor and deteriorating as a […]

Pacing himself: Warren Foreman, 2020 Veterinarian of the Year

It is fortunate that Warren Foreman knows how to pace himself. As a two time participant in the Paris-Brest-Paris cycling event, which requires competitors to cover more than 1,200 kilometres within just 96 hours, Foreman is no stranger to challenging himself physically. While the French countryside en route is spectacular […]

Alex Hynes: from shy kid to Bondi Vet

Shy is not a word anyone would associate with Alex Hynes on Bondi Vet: Coast to Coast. On screen every Friday night she comes across as being confident, approachable and professional, at ease in front of the camera and with the wide variety of people and pets she meets. As […]