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Abstracts: The ‘sustainability gap’ of US broiler chicken production: trade-offs between welfare, land use and consumption

In 2018, over nine billion chickens were slaughtered in the United States. As the demand for chickens increases, so too have concerns regarding the welfare of the chickens in these systems and the damage such practices cause to the surrounding ecosystems. To address welfare concerns, there is large-scale interest in […]

Abstracts: Seroprevalence of Coxiella burnetii in pig-hunting dogs from north Queensland, Australia

The causative agent of Q fever, Coxiella burnetii, is endemic to Queensland and is one of the most important notifiable zoonotic diseases in Australia. The reservoir species for C. burnetii are classically ruminants, including sheep, cattle and goats. There is increasing evidence of C. burnetii exposure in dogs across eastern […]

Abstracts: The pig as an amplifying host for new and emerging zoonotic viruses

Pig production is a rapidly growing segment of the global livestock sector, especially in Asia and Africa. Expansion and intensification of pig production has resulted in significant changes to traditional pig husbandry practices leading to an environment conducive to increased emergence and spread of infectious diseases. These include a number […]

Abstracts: In pursuit of a better broiler

In this study, the mobility, incidence, and severity of contact dermatitis and litter moisture content were assessed in 14 strains of broiler chickens differing in growth rate. The strains encompassed 2 conventional (CONV; ADG0-48 > 60 g/d) and 12 slower growing (SG) strains categorised as FAST (ADG0-62 = 53-55 g/d), MOD (ADG0-62 = […]