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Abstracts: Temporal lobe epilepsy in cats

In recent years there has been increased attention to the proposed entity of feline temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE). Epileptic discharges in certain parts of the temporal lobe elicit very similar semiology, which justifies grouping these epilepsies under one name. Furthermore, feline TLE patients tend to have histopathological changes within the […]

Abstracts: Vector-borne and other pathogens of potential relevance disseminated by relocated cats

Large populations of unowned cats constitute an animal welfare, ecological, societal, and public health issue worldwide. Their relocation and homing are currently carried out in many parts of the world with the intention of relieving suffering and social problems, while contributing to ethical and humane population control in these cat […]

Abstracts: Introducing a puppy to existing household cat(s)

Although cats and dogs can live amicably, inter-species conflict can result in poor welfare. Species introduction can impact the development of the cat-dog relationship. This study aimed to identify factors associated with owner reported ‘only desirable’ puppy behaviour (defined as the puppy being uninterested, ignored the cat and/or interacted in […]

Abstracts: Behaviour and adoptability of hoarded cats admitted to an animal shelter

Objectives: The aim of this study was to analyse the behavioural characteristics and success of adoption for previously hoarded cats. Methods: Shelter records and post-adoption surveys were analysed for hoarded cats ⩾6 months old at intake. A non-standard scoring system was used. Intake scores were allocated contemporaneously, and socialisation scores were applied […]