Evaluation of indicators of acute emotional states in dogs

A complete assessment of animal welfare requires not just an understanding of negative emotional states, such as fear and anxiety, but also of positive states, such as calmness and happiness. However, few studies have identified accurate and reliable indicators of positive emotional states in dogs. This study aimed to identify […]

Heat stress from ocean warming harms octopus vision

While climate change has led to an increase in the abundance of octopuses, heat stress from projected ocean warming could impair their vision and impact the survivability of the species. “We found several proteins important for vision that were affected by thermal stress,” Qiaz Hua, a recent PhD graduate from […]

Assessing blue whale populations

Although the world’s largest living mammal was protected from commercial whaling in 1966 – 20 years before the 1986 global moratorium on whaling was implemented through the International Whaling Commission – the blue whale’s recovery has been slow. Researchers from Flinders University conducted a major new study to assess the […]