New model could help save koalas

Integrating frozen koala sperm into captive management programs is a crucial step to help save the endangered Australian species – a first-of-its-kind model reveals.    Biobanking and assisted reproduction could become a reality for koalas by leveraging the existing technology used to help humans conceive.  A detailed model, published in the […]

Abstracts: Coevolution of relative brain size and life expectancy in parrots

Previous studies have demonstrated a correlation between longevity and brain size in a variety of taxa. Little research has been devoted to understanding this link in parrots; yet parrots are well-known for both their exceptionally long lives and cognitive complexity. We employed a large-scale comparative analysis that investigated the influence […]

All Creatures Great and Small – would you apply for a post COVID position at Siegfried Farnon’s practice?

Dear Editor, A new series is now on view in Australia. So much has changed since the days of James Herriot (though nothing can detract from the beautiful countryside). I remember reading these books in my first year of study in Veterinary Science at Sydney University. They were a powerful […]

Research aims to end vaccine refrigeration

The World Health Organization estimates that at least 50 per cent of vaccines are wasted globally each year, with a lack of facilities and temperature control the major cause.  Recently published in Acta Biomaterialia, CSIRO researchers encapsulated live virus vaccines with a dissolvable crystalline material called MOFs (metal organic frameworks), which […]

Abstracts: A survey of calf rearing practices in the south-west region of Western Australia

Aims: To gather data on the calf management and rearing practices of a subset of dairy farmers in the south-west region of Western Australia. Methods: A 30-minute face-to-face survey was conducted with dairy cattle producers in the south-west region of Western Australia from April-June 2019 to determine pre-weaning calf rearing practices. Participation […]