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All Creatures Great and Small – would you apply for a post COVID position at Siegfried Farnon’s practice?

Dear Editor, A new series is now on view in Australia. So much has changed since the days of James Herriot (though nothing can detract from the beautiful countryside). I remember reading these books in my first year of study in Veterinary Science at Sydney University. They were a powerful […]

Letter to the Editor: Increasing graduate production in the UK (AND Australia)

The topic of veterinary numbers has created much discussion recently in Australia along with the United Kingdom and United States. The standard gauge of supply and demand is price or wages. Increasing numbers of veterinarians also lead to increasing numbers of veterinary clinics and house call businesses which causes declines […]

Letter to the editor

Editor’s note: We normally wouldn’t run correspondence that refers to other publications, but this topic is one that several readers have raised. The perception of veterinary pricing in the wider community obviously requires action! Dear Luke A recent article was published in the July issue of Choice magazine with the […]