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CVS Group: expanding our network

Established in 1999, and with over 500 Veterinary practices throughout the UK, Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland, CVS Group is one of the largest veterinary service providers in the UK.  We are now looking to expand our network of quality, independent practices. We focus on recommending and providing the […]

Vets’ wellbeing highlighted

Two studies published in 2022 highlighted the prevalence of occupational burnout in veterinary care providers, and the importance of seeking professional help to better manage the three common sources of stress that both studies identified. One of these involved mental health-related conditions associated with the heavy caseloads vets are increasingly […]

Survey of the frequency and perceived stressfulness of ethical dilemmas encountered in UK veterinary practice

The scale of the ethical challenges faced by veterinary surgeons and their perceived stressful consequences were investigated via a short questionnaire, completed by 58 practising veterinary surgeons. Respondents were asked to report how frequently they faced ethical dilemmas, and to rate on a simple numerical scale (zero to 10) how […]