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Bravecto joins forces with WIRES

A disease known as sarcoptic mange continues to spark concerns from animal welfare groups, as it is now estimated to be present in 90% of wombat populations1, and causes major suffering of infected animals. To tackle the potentially deadly disease, popular flea and paralysis tick treatment, Bravecto Spot-on for Dogs […]

White paper on vet AI calls for action

A white paper providing a comprehensive overview of the use and potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in veterinary medicine has been published, including calls for engagement, education and action across the industry.  The online publication, ‘Artificial Intelligence in Veterinary Medicine’, produced by VetCT (a global provider of veterinary teleradiology, teleconsulting […]

Vets1laser: Australia’s vet-to-vet direct medical laser company.

Our Australian veterinary & family owned business offers outright purchase options across our range of machines, along with lease purchase options.  If you are interested in purchasing a top quality laser machine, without any hype or spin or ‘weasel’ words re origin of manufacturing or fake claims re users or […]