Anthrax outbreak confirmed on cattle property 

An anthrax outbreak has been confirmed on a cattle property northeast of Shepparton, Victoria, prompting swift action from Agriculture Victoria. The property is quarantined, and measures are underway to manage the situation.

Anthrax, caused by spore-forming bacteria in soil, poses a significant threat to livestock, resulting in rapid fatalities. Agriculture Victoria has disposed of affected animals and is vaccinating remaining cattle.

Cameron Bell, Victoria’s Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer, commended early reporting by the property owner and veterinarian, facilitating rapid response. Quarantine measures and disinfection protocols are in place to contain the outbreak.

Efforts to limit anthrax spread include on-site incineration of carcasses. Vigilance is urged, especially during wet weather when bacteria can multiply. Anthrax can affect humans handling infected animals, so precautions are advised.

Prompt reporting of unexplained livestock deaths is crucial. For further information or to report suspicions, contact Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline on 1800 675 888.

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