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A ballooning environmental problem

A latex balloon removed from compost after 14 weeks. Picture: Morgan Gilmour

There’s no question balloons are fun but there’s a growing awareness that the volume of discarded and degrading balloons is also contributing to the plastic litter that is proving harmful for our environment, and deadly for wildlife. Claims that biodegradable latex balloons are the environmentally responsible alternative to the mylar […]

Effects of cognitive enrichment on behavioural and physiological reactions of pigs

Cognitive enrichment, a special form of environmental enrichment, addresses the cognitive abilities of animals in captivity. Through cognitive interaction with the environment, the animals regain a certain control over their environment, and essential resources, such as food or water, act as a reward for successful coping. It is assumed that […]

Making a difference: Murray Munro

Murray Munro is an ambassador for the voiceless species of our planet. He is a passionate conservationist with a strong sense of social justice, a global adventurer of the earth’s wild places. Murray Munro is a man on a mission. The founder of an unconventional conservation organisation, Earth Warrior, he […]

Public may have final say in extinction choices

Which native species will survive for future generations is a dilemma that can be solved by society, not society, a leading ecologist has said. Hugh Possingham, director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions (CEED) at the University of Queensland, said that world-first Australian research was showing that […]