Tag: October 2011

The British pig health schemes: integrated systems for large-scale pig abattoir lesion monitoring

Pig health schemes based on abattoir inspections provide an integrated system to optimise the postmortem detection and the reporting of pathological lesions. In Great Britain, two initiatives have been implemented by the pig industry: Wholesome Pigs Scotland (WPS) and the BPEX Pig Health Scheme (BPHS). These schemes record the presence […]

High field MRI arrives at the Animal Referral Hospital

Few areas in veterinary practice have evolved as rapidly in recent years as in the field of diagnostic imaging. Many practices are making the leap to digital radiographs from film and also boast a capability to use diagnostic ultrasound. Now it is the dawn of the age of cross-sectional multiplanar […]

Burnout: an occupational hazard we cannot ignore

It is well established that veterinarians suffer a higher suicide rate than the general adult population. Research by former Australian Veterinary Association President Helen Jones found that veterinarians were four times more likely to take their lives when compared to non-veterinarians. In absolute numbers, the number of veterinarians who commit […]

Crimson Post October 2011: With a little help from my friends…

So what does a song written in 1967 by the great Paul McCartney have to do with veterinarians? Probably everything. In Singapore, a small country of five million people where there are 52 clinics (in my last article in June, it said 48 clinics – the numbers have gone up […]

Vet attends ultrasound course in China

A chance find on the internet led an Australian veterinarian to attend a continuing veterinary education course in China. Perth veterinarian Chad Marriott recently travelled to Shenzhen in China to attend an Ultrasound course run by the European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies. Having found it difficult to find ultrasound […]