Man inks dog

A tattoo artist has raised the ire of veterinary groups, animal protection agencies worldwide – and his boss – by tattooing his American pit bull while it was out to it.

The dog was under sedation having its spleen removed when the curiously named Mistah Metro posted a picture on his Instagram page with the caption: “One of the many reasons my dog is cooler than yours! She had her spleen removed yesterday and the vet let me tattoo her while she was under.”

Metro, whose real name is Ernesto Rodriquez, is an army veteran.

His boss Chris Torres who owns the Red Legged Devil tattoo shop in Prospect Heights , distanced himself from the tattoo.

“The dog was not tattooed at the shop. Chris Torres and Red Legged Devil LLC had nothing to do with it,” he said online.

The tattoo was a heart with an arrow through it and the names Alex and Mel.

The American Veterinary Medical Association and the ASPCA were not impressed.

“We can’t say a tattoo is going to do enormous damage to an animal, a vet association spokesperson said. “But we do look at whether a procedure is therapeutically necessary first – if it’s not, that’s not the vet’s goal.”

The ASPCA said it condoned tattooing dogs only for identification – an easier procedure that caused the animal little pain.

“Tattooing an animal for the vain sake of joy and entertainment of the owner without any regard for the wellbeing of the animal is not something the ASPCA supports,” it said.

No criminal charges have been laid but authorities have placed a cease and desist order on Rodriguez, meaning he cannot operate as a tattoo artist.

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