See why more vets are choosing a Mindray from BCF Ultrasound

Do you need a reliable, intuitive and rapid ultrasound system with image quality that takes the guesswork out of diagnostic imaging?

BCF Ultrasound provide complete ultrasound solutions for all fields of veterinary practice from beginner first opinion practitioners to advanced level or referral specialists and we have something to suit every budget from portable to cart-based systems. Here are just a few of our portable picks of the range.   

Mindray M8
Exceptional Image | Elevated Performance

For the discerning veterinary sonographer wanting to elevate their skills and diagnostic prowess to the next level. The M8 features highly detailed image quality with advanced optimisation features and a range of modes available including B-Mode, M-Mode, colour and spectral doppler (CFD, PD, PW and CW), tissue harmonic imaging and optional tissue doppler, TDI, stress echo, ECG, elastography, contrast and 3D imaging. 

A wide range of compatible transducers are available with new 3T single crystal technology providing increased bandwidth with better penetration and increased overall resolution. Other great features include rapid boot up time, inbuilt Wi-Fi, 256GB SSD, built-in battery with up to 90mins scan time, optional DICOM package, all presented in a robust magnesium alloy portable case. 

It is ideal for elevating beginners and intermediate sonographers to the next level across all species for point-of-care, full abdominal, cardiac and musculoskeletal imaging. Like all of our portable systems, the M8 can also be configured with a dedicated trolley to easily convert to a cart-based system in the hospital setting. 

Elevate your diagnostic potential and see more sound with a Mindray M8. 

Mindray M6
Superior Image | Enhanced Performance

With a recent software upgrade, the M6Vet now has even better image quality and compatibility with some of the 3T single crystal technology probes for even better performance. All the modern features of tissue harmonic imaging, speckle reduction, compound imaging, M-Mode and spectral doppler (CFD, PD, PW and optional CW) are available in a strong but light weight, compact alloy lap-top style case.  

With veterinary dedicated software including abdominal and cardiac packages, reproductive formulas, reporting function, a full range of transducers available plus 90mins battery time, this highly portable machine is ideally suited to small animal or equine practitioners from entry level to intermediate applications including FAST scans, pregnancy diagnosis and assessing foetal viability, abdominal and cardiac scans. 

Using M-Mode to calculate Foetal HR on a Mindray M6Vet

The M6Vet is a fantastic mid-range machine that will enhance any general practitioners’ diagnostic capabilities.  

Mindray Z60
High Quality Image | Powerful Performance

This little powerhouse of a machine has many of the modern upgrades of a premium system without breaking the bank. Features such as tissue harmonic imaging, speckle reduction, compound imaging, M-Mode and spectral doppler (CFD, PD and PW with optional CW) are available on this unit. It also features Mindray’s signature intuitive workflow, 2 transducer ports, rapid start up time and up to 100mins battery time packaged in a neat user friendly and compact case. 

Canine kidney with colour flow doppler taken on Z60

Convex, Linear, Phased array and Rectal transducers all with multi-frequency settings are compatible with the Z60 making a multitude of applications possible. Use it for FAST scans, abdominal investigations, reproductive or cardiac exams in smallies or take it out in the field for equine reproduction and tendon exams.

It represents great value for the entry level sonographer or mixed general practitioner. 

I’m thrilled by my M8 machine. As a mobile ultrasound provider my priority is to offer superior quality imaging to clinics and having shopped around, the M8 by Mindray was a standout machine. Fast and easy to use, with an image that can only be described as an “in-of-body experience” that makes you feel like you just walked into your patient. Adrenals and the pancreas stand out and the detail on liver and GIT imaging is superb.
BCF are super friendly and supportive of my business and with the knowledge that the technical team is on-site should I ever need it there’s no anxiety about potential issues down the line. The in-house vet is a great resource for information and very generous with her time answering both complex questions as well as the dumb ones!

Dr Phil Davies
Us Together Mobile Veterinary Ultrasound, Melb Vic

For more information visit or email or phone +61 3 9874 7543

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