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Tick vigilance urged for coming holidays

“Roaming Vet” Romy Feldman has advised pet owners to be cautious particularly when taking animals on holiday, as different regions have different pests and treatments needed. “It is important to be informed about the risk in their area and any hot-spots that come about, like tick cases recently reported as […]

‘Scrap the cap’ campaign a success

A proposed cap on tax-deductions for work related self-education expenses has been delayed until 2015 due to a successful campaign waged by an alliance of professional organisations including the Australian Veterinary Association. The Federal Government announced the new changes, to come into effect on July 1, 2014, prior to any […]

Clinical Zoo: Chase the dragon!

Testicular tumours are a relatively common affliction of older, intact male dogs seen in small animal practice. Seminomas, Sertoli cell tumours and interstitial cell tumours occur with roughly equal frequency. The incidence of tumours increases by 13-fold in cryptorchid testicles. Not surprisingly, exotics are prone to similar afflictions, although the […]