A tale of two terriers comes to an end

Amber_Heard_2011Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has welcomed the conclusion of court proceedings against actress Amber Heard.
Heard was charged with violating biosecurity laws after bringing two Yorkshire terriers into the country by private jet last year while her husband Johnny Depp was shooting a film.

She was given one month good behaviour bond and no conviction, though she and Depp shot 42 second video expressing regret at the situation.

“I appreciate Ms Heard’s willingness to take responsibility for her actions last year and her acknowledgement that she broke our national biosecurity laws,” Joyce said.

“These legal proceedings reinforce the clear message I sent internationally last year that we will not tolerate disregard for our biosecurity laws, no matter who you are.”

Joyce used Facebook to share the widely mocked apology clip, which some in the media compared to a hostage video.

“These legal proceedings clearly illustrate the government’s serious approach to enforcing our national biosecurity laws, and the fact that there are no exceptions to these laws – they apply to everyone equally,” he said.

“As an island nation, Australia is free of many pests and diseases common throughout the world that have harmed human health, agricultural industries, animals, plants and the environment.

“We do not want diseases and pests such as rabies, foot and mouth, screwfly, the varroa mite or ehrlichiosis in our country, and we do not want people making their own arrangements for what they bring into our country.”

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