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Wildlife sentinels reveal expanding distribution of rat lungworm

A study examining the role of wildlife species as sentinels for rat lungworm suggests an expanded distribution of the parasite, and the need for pet owners and wildlife carers to take precautions in order to minimise transmission of the disease to animals in care. Rat lungworm, or Angiostrongylus cantonensis, was […]

Genome search identifies cause of hypokalaemia in Burmese cats

An international research team has identified the gene associated with primary hypokalaemia in Burmese cats. Hypokalaemia, or subnormal serum potassium ion concentration, is typically a secondary disorder but may occur as a primary problem, most notably as hypokalaemic periodic paralysis in humans and horses, and feline hypokalaemic polymyopathy, also known […]

Clinical Zoo: Helping out a gecko with no name

There’s something exciting about exploratory abdominal surgery. Whether you’re in small animal, large animal or exotics practice, you can’t always predict whether the procedure will be routine or whether you will “peek and shriek”, to borrow an increasingly popular phrase being bandied around at veterinary conferences and surgery workshops. That […]

Female recovers, but fatal white rhino disease remains a mystery

A female rhinoceros exhibiting symptoms of a condition which claimed the lives of four of her conspecifics appears to have overcome her illness, despite exhaustive testing failing to identify the aetiological agent. The mystery illness claimed the lives of four adult White Rhinoceros at Taronga Western Plains Zoo within a […]

Decorated veterinarian made Companion of Charles Sturt University

Douglas Bryden, AM, was made Companion of the University of Charles Sturt University, in recognition of his role in the development of CSU’s veterinary degree. Bryden was one of the early consultants called upon to develop the degree program – before most people knew about it. As Bryden recalled, it […]