A time-saving technological revolution

Utilising the easy-to-use interface of the iPad with the Agworld App is changing the way agronomists and farmers input, store and share information to create an innovative, convenient and real-time way of working together.

As every agronomist and consultant knows, time is precious. Making the most of it is as important to maintaining strong client relationships as it is to minimising double handing and laborious administration.
With new tools and toys constantly vying for attention, yet often missing the mark in real benefits and ease of use, one agriculturally focused IT solutions company has come up with something that is changing the way agronomists go about their work.

Agworld is a ‘Cloud’ based information and client management program at the cutting edge of data capture, reporting and sharing. It is a software solution that allows users to communicate in ways no other program has done. While innovative data capture is an integral part of the program, this multi-faceted communication tool also offers users the opportunity to transfer and share information incredibly easily and 100 per cent securely.

A web-based program that was using only a digital pen for data capture until recently, Agworld now has an iPad application added to its repertoire of user interfaces.
Agworld marketing head Chris Ramsey said : “We know many people now use iPads for email and online communicating on the go. And with 35,000 Apps already out there, further using the portability and the easy-to-use interface of the iPad made sense to us. So we’ve developed the Agworld App – which works both online and offline.”

Agworld’s users include an ever increasing number of agronomists, consultants, farmers, contractors, rural re-sellers, and industry stakeholders.
For more information contact Doug Fitch on (08) 9327 58000

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