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Letter to the editor

Editor’s note: We normally wouldn’t run correspondence that refers to other publications, but this topic is one that several readers have raised. The perception of veterinary pricing in the wider community obviously requires action! Dear Luke A recent article was published in the July issue of Choice magazine with the […]

Checking Mogo’s chompers – thanks to SASH

Four of Mogo Zoo’s tigers have undergone dental surgery via the generous support of Sydney’s Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH)  Mogo veterinarian Sam Young said canine fractures are the most common dental ailment in big cats in captivity, mostly because they can become aggressive at feed time and bite at […]

Oral examination results in rescued ferrets: clinical findings

Ferrets have increased in popularity as pets, and a growing number are seen in companion animal practice. Domestic ferrets are commonly used as animal models for research of human oral conditions. The present study evaluated the prevalence of oral pathology in rescued ferrets which – to the authors’ knowledge – […]