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New findings regarding the stereotypic behaviour of “regurgitation and reingestion” in captive western lowland gorillas

Introduction “Regurgitation and reingestion” or “R/R” is defined as a retrograde movement of foodstuff from the oesophagus or stomach to the mouth, hand or floor, and its subsequent ingestion (Lukas, 1999). R/R is not part of a gorilla’s normal feeding mechanism hence it is regarded as an anomalous behaviour, indicating […]

Re: Dr Coghlan’s article on considering the exposure of cruelty (The Veterinarian, June 2011)

Dear Editor, Export of live animals for slaughter is a result of one motive – there is money to be made. In the article, the first response that “Australia has an obligation to animals to continue the trade to countries with mediocre welfare records” beggars belief. It is painfully obvious […]

Oral examination results in rescued ferrets: clinical findings

Ferrets have increased in popularity as pets, and a growing number are seen in companion animal practice. Domestic ferrets are commonly used as animal models for research of human oral conditions. The present study evaluated the prevalence of oral pathology in rescued ferrets which – to the authors’ knowledge – […]

Army of vets deliver care to Pacific

Veterinarians from the Australian and US armies, Spanish navy, World Vets and Vets Without Borders provided veterinary care to animals on a four-day mission in Timor-Leste last month. The exercise was part of the Pacific Partnership annual humanitarian aid mission, and is sponsored by the US-led Pacific Fleet. Queensland vet […]