Deadly tick season threatens pets

Vets are warning pet owners to be vigilant as an explosion of tick paralysis cases in Australia’s eastern states leaves a trail of casualties.

Perfect breeding conditions have created huge numbers of paralysis ticks this summer, according to Australian Veterinary Association spokesperson Jodie Wilson.

“The tick season is usually at its height in eastern states from spring through to autumn, but about 700 cases have already been logged in Queensland and NSW, which is extremely high for so early on in the season,” Wilson said. Continue reading Deadly tick season threatens pets

High field MRI arrives at the Animal Referral Hospital

Few areas in veterinary practice have evolved as rapidly in recent years as in the field of diagnostic imaging. Many practices are making the leap to digital radiographs from film and also boast a capability to use diagnostic ultrasound. Now it is the dawn of the age of cross-sectional multiplanar modalities such as computerised tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In 2005 the Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) was one of the first in Australia to install a CT scanner which has become integrated into the practice to such an extent that it is hard for the ARH specialist clinicians to imagine practising without it. Now, in another first, The Animal Referral Hospital at Homebush in Sydney has just taken delivery of a Philips 1.0 Tesla Intera MRI system being the first high field superconducting MRI scanner in a veterinary practice in New South Wales. The system is in the final stages of assembly and is anticipated to be running by November 2011. Continue reading High field MRI arrives at the Animal Referral Hospital

New Federal Police dog facility

A new canine kennel facility for firearm and explosive detection dogs has been opened by the Australian Federal Police at Murwillumbah in the Tweed Valley of northern NSW.

The kennel facility is the first of nine federal police canine facilities to be opened near major airports across Australia.

It was built through the federally funded Project Jupiter, part of the Australian Government’s $200 million funding to strengthen security at Australian airports. The remaining eight canine kennel facilities at other locations across Australia will be completed by the end of 2013. Continue reading New Federal Police dog facility

Further victims as Hendra outbreak continues

While Queensland and NSW authorities continue the struggle to control the latest hendra outbreak, the virus claimed an unexpected victim almost six weeks after the first case was detected.

Towards the end of July a pet dog from a property where three infected horses had already been found tested positive to Hendra antibodies, and was subsequently put down.

At the time of writing Hendra had claimed the lives of at least 15 horses in Queensland and NSW, while over 60 people were still being monitored for signs of infection, including several vets.

All four species of fruit bats found in Australia are carriers of the Hendra virus.

Queensland’s chief vet Rick Symons said it was unclear how the two-year-old kelpie had contracted Hendra, but it did not necessarily indicate the virus was evolving. Continue reading Further victims as Hendra outbreak continues

Marmoset Found

A marmoset stolen from a wildlife park on the NSW South Coast has been found safe and well in a bedroom in suburban Wollongong.
The Nowra Wildlife Park was broken into on October 30 and the marmoset, “Cheeky”, was taken from the enclosure by persons unknown. The Illawarra Mercury reported that Cheeky’s sibling, “Milly”, was pining for the animal and had become withdrawn. On November 1, an anonymous tip-off led police to a . . . → Read More: Marmoset Found