Snag a statement to protect your flock

Flock_of_sheepWith ram sale season in full swing, buyers are being urged to protect their flocks from unwanted diseases by asking for a Sheep Health Statement.

The SHS has been designed for use across Australia to help sheep producers in taking a risk-management approach to their farm biosecurity.

It provides information on flock history, Ovine Johne’s Disease vaccination and testing, footrot, lice and brucellosis.

The SHS also allows vendors to list their on-farm biosecurity practices, and encourages buyers to take responsibility for disease risks by making informed decisions when buying stock for their business.

NSW Manager and licensee in charge of livestock for Australian Wool Network Mark Hedley said the SHS was such a valuable tool for informing producers about flock biosecurity that it accompanies all AWN sale invoices, along with the National Vendor Declaration.

“It is our company policy that a SHS accompany all sheep and rams that we sell,” Hedley said.

“It adds another valuable level of description of the stock – this ensures producers buy the sheep they need and protects vendors in the event of a dispute.

“With the SHS now voluntary in most areas, it is really important the buyers and vendors take it upon themselves to make use of this form so that everyone is clearly informed at sale time.”

Copies of the SHS are available for download from or by calling 1800 332 312.

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