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Bree Talbot heads Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital team

Bree Talbot

Sydney wildlife and exotic animal veterinarian Bree Talbot will join the team of specialist wildlife vets creating Australia’s largest mobile wildlife hospital. Appointed by the Board of Directors of Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, Talbot will lead the team of veterinary staff operating the soon-to-be launched mobile wildlife hospital. Currently under […]

Tackling the illegal wildlife trade

China and the UK have both recently hosted meetings calling for a united international crack-down on the illegal wildlife trade. Conservation organisations and law enforcement agencies have expressed growing concern at the rising demand for products derived from threatened and endangered wildlife, used both in traditional Asian medicine, and as […]

Marmoset Found

A marmoset stolen from a wildlife park on the NSW South Coast has been found safe and well in a bedroom in suburban Wollongong. The Nowra Wildlife Park was broken into on October 30 and the marmoset, “Cheeky”, was taken from the enclosure by persons unknown. The Illawarra Mercury reported that Cheeky’s sibling, “Milly”, was pining for the animal and had become withdrawn. On […]