Month: February 2022

Abstracts: Freedom from thirst-do dairy cows and calves have sufficient access to drinking water?

The importance of drinking water for production and animal welfare is widely recognized, but surveys and animal welfare assessment schemes suggest that many dairy calves and dairy cows do not have sufficient access. Limit milk-fed calves drink more water than calves fed milk ad libitum, but ad libitum milk-fed calves […]

Abstracts: An analysis of demographic and triage assessment findings in bushfire-affected koalas on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, 2019–2020

Abstract In the 2019-2020 Australian bushfires, Kangaroo Island, South Australia, experienced catastrophic bushfires that burnt approximately half the island, with an estimated 80 per cent of the koala population lost. During and after the event, rescued koalas were triaged at a designated facility and a range of initial data were […]