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Abstracts: A feline semiochemical composition influences the cat’s toileting location choice

Unwanted toileting is amongst the most undesirable behaviors in domestic cats and can lead to conflicts between cats and the communities they are living in. This study aimed to confirm the effect of a semiochemical composition, reconstituted volatile fraction derived from cat anal glands, on the elimination behavior of domestic […]

Abstracts: Delayed intestinal perforation secondary to blunt force abdominal trauma in a cat

CASE SUMMARY: A 7-month-old intact male domestic shorthair cat was presented 4 h after being hit by a car. It had bilateral inguinal hernias and a mesenteric rent that were repaired surgically and a hematoma in the left retroperitoneal space. No other intra-abdominal abnormalities were identified on abdominal surgical exploration. […]

Ultrasonography of intestinal mast cell tumors in the cat

The sonographic features of intestinal mast cell tumors (MCT) were reviewed in 14 cats at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California, Davis, California, USA. The mean age was 13.4 ± 2.5 years. There were 16 focal intestinal tumors and one diffuse submucosal infiltrate. The most common pattern was […]

Hypercarnivory and the brain: protein requirements of cats reconsidered

The domestic hypercarnivores cat and mink have a higher protein requirement than other domestic mammals. This has been attributed to adaptation to a hypercarnivorous diet and subsequent loss of the ability to down regulate amino acid catabolism. A quantitative analysis of brain glucose requirements reveals that in cats on their […]