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Epididymectomy as a novel surgical procedure; application in the domestic cat

Feline overpopulation raises issues concerning health, ecology, economy, and ethics. Procedures to limit overpopulation should carefully address animal welfare, efficiency, costs, and feasibility. Vasectomy in unowned cats is suggested as preferable to standard neutering as it maintains male sexual behaviour which may induce ovulation and pseudopregnancy in intact females and […]

Abstracts: Welfare issues and potential solutions for laying hens

In free-range and organic production systems, hens can make choices according to their needs and desires, which is in accordance with welfare definitions. Nonetheless, health and behavioural problems are also encountered in these systems. The aim of this article was to identify welfare challenges observed in these production systems in […]

Abstracts: Associations between behaviour and health outcomes in conventional and slow-growing breeds of broiler chicken

Broiler chickens are prone to a range of complex health and welfare issues. To support informed selection of welfare traits whilst minimising impact on production efficiency and to address a major gap in understanding, we systematically explored associations between health and behavioural indicators of broiler welfare.

Abstracts: Exploring the attitudes of backyard poultry keepers to health and biosecurity

Backyard poultry producers have been associated with outbreaks of exotic (e.g. avian influenza) and endemic (e.g. Salmonella) disease all over the world. Currently in the UK the registration of small flocks (less than 50 birds) with local authorities is voluntary therefore there is not an accurate record of how many […]

Abstracts: Lameness and its relationship with health and production measures in broiler chickens

The aim of this study was to explore lameness and the associations between lameness and health/production measures of animal welfare in commercial broiler production, using the Welfare Quality protocol for broilers. A total of 50 flocks were included in the sample and farm visits were conducted for lameness scoring at […]