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Urban rewilding could help wildlife conservation

A recently released report from the UK’s Zoological Institute of Zoology has found that adopting urban rewilding as an environmental management strategy could be a solution to help slow down biodiversity loss, reduce the impacts of climate change, and improve human health and wellbeing. Some of the practical and sustainable […]

New model could help save koalas

Integrating frozen koala sperm into captive management programs is a crucial step to help save the endangered Australian species – a first-of-its-kind model reveals.    Biobanking and assisted reproduction could become a reality for koalas by leveraging the existing technology used to help humans conceive.  A detailed model, published in the […]

Bringing compassion to the ethical dilemma in killing kangaroos for conservation – comment on “Conservation Through Sustainable Use” by Rob Irvine

Ethical debate on the killing of kangaroos has polarised conservation and animal welfare science, yet at the heart of these scientific disciplines is the unifying aim of reducing harm to non-human animals. This aim provides the foundation for common ground, culminating in the development of compassionate conservation principles that seek […]